Mining Desk Study

The mining desk study report involves the research of old mine plans and documents to establish the likely distribution and extent of recorded and suspected mine workings. However, because of the great antiquity of the mine workings the documentary records are often not complete and careful interpretation is necessary by our trained geologists.

Mining Search Report – a brief report on recorded mining activity carried out for prospective purchasers or solicitors acting on a purchase of a property in areas affected by historic mining activity.

Mining Desk Study Report – for larger projects a comprehensive report is prepared on the distribution of old mine workings beneath the site.  The study is based on research of the old mine records and a detailed site reconnaissance inspection is carried out to identify old mine features (mine shafts, tunnels, spoil heaps etc).  The condition of old mine workings (if known) is recorded as well as any other relevant information such as the condition of old mine buildings and contaminated ground.  The mining desk study report is used to plan any subsequent phases of insitu investigation.