Reporting requirements vary depending on the nature and size of the project.  For smaller projects where only limited geotechnical advice is required a simple Letter Report will normally be sufficient. Examples include reporting on the results of site reconnaissance inspections, small rock face assessments, mine searches and soakaway test results.

For larger projects where extensive insitu investigations have been carried out it is normal to prepare a comprehensive Factual and Interpretative Geotechnical Report.  The factual part of the report will include the borehole and trial pit records, monitoring data and laboratory test results, whilst a description of the site conditions, geotechnical advice and recommendations are contained in the Interpretative Report.

Other Reports:

Mining Search Report – carried out for prospective purchasers or solicitors acting on the purchase of a property in areas affected by historic mining activity.

Ground Contamination Report & Soakaway Test Report – typically carried out for developers to satisfy the conditions of a Planning Permission.